STAF’S SAFE-CHILD POLICY & PROCEDURES


POLICY & PROCEDURES STAF wants to assist you in keeping your young children safe. When you bring a child 12 or under to STAF, you will be asked to do the following:

1) Check yourself in at the Foyer.
2) Provide your current cell phone # where you can be reached throughout Sabbath School or other child program. (If your # changes, please tell us immediately so STAF has your current # to contact you.)
3) Provide the name of all children with you when it’s their first time attending.
4) Check your child(ren) into, and out of, their Sabbath School class or program. (Please provide teachers with info about food allergies or other conditions.)
5) If your child(ren)’s teacher is not in the classroom/program location, please stay with your child until a teacher arrives.
6) Keep your child(ren) with you when they are not in their Sabbath School class/child’s program.
7) Any STAF member who sees a child – or group of children -- under age 13 unsupervised by an adult, will immediately take them to Guest Services, where you will be notified by text/call/message on the Sanctuary screen to pick them up.
8) Restroom needs—please have your child(ren) “go” 1st:
a. If your child is unable to use the restroom without assistance, you will be notified to come and assist them. (If they are able to use the restroom alone, an adult from children’s Sabbath School/program will accompany them to the restroom doorway.)
b. If your child is not potty-trained, please stay with them, as STAF volunteers are not allowed to change diapers.

We live-stream and use social media. If you are concerned about your child’s image being online, please ask for a copy of our Media Policy.
All volunteers for children’s programs at STAF go through background checks, per the policy of Washington Conference.
Updated March, 2019




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