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 South Tacoma Adventist Fellowship (STAF) is committed to Adventist Christian
Education which we believe to be essential to the development of a child’s mental, social,
physical, and spiritual well-being. We desire to inspire and motivate the church to further
support Christian Education based on a belief that all true wisdom and knowledge comes
from God.
We desire to make it possible that any member who desires Adventist Education for their
child(ren) be able to send them to a Seventh-day Adventist school. By investing in our
youth, we are further enabling them to develop a life of faith in Jesus and preparing them
for citizenship in this world and the World to come.


Because STAF is not a constituent member of any Seventh-day Adventist School, tuition
fees for the member may be substantially higher than constituent rates. Accordingly, the
STAF leadership Board has established an Education Assistance Policy—the “STAF
Promise”—to subsidize the higher tuition costs.


Financial assistance of 1) For K-8: 50% of tuition--up to $2,500 or 2) For
Auburn Academy $1,000 one time--for the 2019-2020 school year is
pledged through the STAF Ministries Budget. It is awarded to students
meeting the eligibility requirements as funds are available and will be paid
to the school, $1,250 each semester the child is enrolled, or for Academy
students $500 at the start of the Fall semester. This policy is as funds are
available, and will be reviewed by July and January of the school year by
STAF’s Finance Committee or Board of Elders.
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A. The applicant’s primary caretaker(s) must be a member of STAF.
1. For 2017-2018, no length of membership is required, and
individuals with membership in active transfer are eligible.
2. For 2018-2019, applicant must be a member of STAF for at
least six months prior to eligibility.
3. For 2019-2020 and onward, applicant must be a member of
STAF for at least one year prior to eligibility.
B. Each applicant family must be an active participant in the ministries
of STAF.
1. Family participation and regular Sabbath School and Church
attendance. (Two Sabbaths per month minimum—including
fellowship dinners, social events, VBS, Church Business
Meetings, special weekend celebrations (about four per year),
leadership responsibilities as asked, etc.--indicate “active
participation” and “regular attendance”.)
2. Members should choose at least one area of ministry they are
passionate about and become involved. STAF conducts
about two evangelistic outreach series per year, and families
are expected to be involved with at least one.
C. Applicant families must be faithful in both their tithes and offerings to
STAF. To ensure eligibility, families are encouraged to either give at
the church website or by using an offering envelope in the pew at
D. Students enrolled must maintain a C average with no Ds or Fs at
quarterly reporting. Consideration will be given for special


A. STAF PROMISE Applications are available from the STAF Office
Administrator or through the church website. The forms must be fully
completed and submitted to the STAF Office by August 10. It should
be noted that applying for the STAF PROMISE does not include
application to a church school. That is done separately and

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independently from STAF by applicants at the school of their choice.
Applications are for the immediate next school year only.
B. Evaluation and Approval
1. Applications will be reviewed by the STAF Finance Committee
or Board of Elders.
2. Recommendation of eligible applicants will go to the Church
3. Applicants will be notified via letter or email of acceptance into
the STAF Promise, and the available amount they can count
on during the current school year.
4. Accompanying the acceptance letter will be a letter for the
school stating the amount of tuition STAF will provide for
eligible students.


STAF Church Member – A person who either by baptism, profession of
faith, or transfer of membership from another SDA Church is reflected as a
member of the South Tacoma Adventist Fellowship through the
membership records maintained by the STAF Clerk.

Primary Caretaker – A person who is a parent, grandparent, or legal
guardian of a child. This person is actively involved in the exercise of and
performs parental duties including the emotional, disciplinary, spiritual, and
financial support of a child.

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